Darulfikr is an online website that provide Muslim Ummah with Lectures, Seminars and Workshop done by most of our Sunni Islamic Scholars in Nigeria. This website provide only audio free for Download, Share to social media and even Play with our online Player.

Darulfikr idea was initiated since 2010, many attempt was made to make the idea reality but due to the plan of Allah (if he want something to happen He will say happen and it will happen) none of us knows When, Why and How. Now Darulfikr is working and it’s still under construction in order to adjust it with modern technology of the world.

Darulfikr allow only its Administrative members to upload and manage the files, so as to maintain the consistency and integrity of our Islamic Lectures. Because many of our lectures did by our prominent scholars that passed away was tempered by an unknown people.

We also follow some criteria before uploading a file due to the problem of some scholar's understanding (Aqidah) and the way of teachings. Darulfikr is free for you and Muslim Ummah that speaks or understand Hausa and English Language. If the system developed, we can also add more languages to expand the capacity of the platform.

We hope you will help us to preach in Islam with our little contribution to the right way of prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

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