The Qur’ān is the Book of Islam. It is the soul and raison d’être of the Islamic mission. It is the backbone and edifice of its existence. It is its guardian and protector;its expression and manifestation; its constitution and way of life. Once all is said and done, the Qur’ān is the fountain, and the reference point, from which Islam and Muslims draw the ways and means of their actions, their systems and approach, and the provisions for their journey in this life. However, a vast chasm will continue to separate us from the Qur’ān unless we understand deep down in our consciousness that the Qur’ān was addressed to a living community that existed in real life. It dealt with genuine situations in the life of that community and interacted with human life in its true manifestation on this earth. It was the main factor in a tremendous battle within the human soul that took place on a specific part of our planet; a battle that teemed with changes, passions and responses. This divide between our hearts and the Qur’ān will continue to exist as long as we recite or listen to it as though it were a collection of fanciful religious hymns, totally disassociated from the realities of daily life facing this being we call man, and this community we call Muslims. These verses were revealed to address living souls, actual realities and events, with real meaning. They did indeed guide those souls, realities and events in an effective and vigorous manner, bringing forth a particular tangible situation with particular characteristics in man’s life, in general, and in the life of the Muslim community, in particular. The Qur’ān’s distinctive miracle lies in the fact that it was revealed to deal with the actual experience of a particular human community, at a specific and finite time in history. It led that community in a momentous battle that was to change the whole history of mankind. That notwithstanding, the Qur’ān continues to provide us with the competence and the capability to live life today, as though it were being revealed at this very moment to organised the affairs of the Muslim community, and its ongoing struggle against pervasive universal ignorance. It continues to lead Muslims in their struggle with their own souls and conscience and with the same vigor and down-to- earth spirit it displayed so long ago. In order for us, today, to capture the Qur’ān’s penetrating power, appreciate its latent vitality and receive the guidance it conveys to Muslims in every generation, we need to visualize the true nature of the earliest Muslim generation who received the Qur’ān for the first time. We need to perceive the Muslims of that generation as they went about their daily lives, facing up to events and developments in Madinah and the rest of Arabia, dealing with their enemies as well as their allies, and struggling against their own passions and desires. The Qur’ān was being revealed to deal with all that and to follow the progress of the Muslim community in their greatest battle with their own souls, with those enemies poised to strike in Madinah, Makkah and the surrounding lands, and even beyond.



by: Mustapha Bin Adam · 120 · June 19, 2017

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